My Favorite Resource to Prepare for The Coding Interview

My Favorite Resource to Prepare for The Coding Interview

Tech interviews can be intimidating. and we can argue about how ineffective they but it is what it is! so to help you prepare I made this short list of resources that will cover all your needs to prepare your upcoming coding interview.

Grokking Algorithms: An Illustrated Guide for Programmers and Other Curious People

"Grokking Algorithms" is an excellent book to start your Data Structure and Algorithm learning. Great to quickly introduce yourself to algorithms for the first time or to refresh your memory. I don't recommend CLRS or The Algorithm Design Manual by Skiena. Although they are great books, they are more fit for university settings. I think they spend way too much time on proofs.

Cracking the Coding Interview

Everyone recommends it for a reason. It's the best all-around book to prepare for coding interviews. If you need to refresh on the most common concepts that show up in most interviews or you need insights on how interview generally works this is the book.

The Tech Resume Inside Out

It's not for interview prep per se. But it is helpful if you want to enhance your resume or trying, to break into tech as Internation Engineer.


I recommend you to start with The Hackerrank Interview Preparation Kit. Then you can look for problems on either leetcode or Hackerrank

For a structured study, leetcode has an amazing product study plan Select a topic to study like Algorithms.

You will get daily 2/3 questions to practice. the plans last 2~3 weeks based on the topic.